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Hi! It's me again, thank you for answering me. You are out of the country, lucky you :D but yeah having bad internet sucks... About comic con, I'm wasn't sure of what to think about it, but well, they have announced the first guest and is someone really famous so, maybe they will make some awesome event after all, who knows. ( It's Natalie Dormer by the way, if you didn't know already) It's a shame that you won't be there selling stuff, but I understand. By the way, your art is amazing :)

Thanks for the kind words and sentences! I don’t know why you go anon thou ):

These days I informed myself about the pricing and whatnot and it actually seems considerably better now. MAYBE I’ll apply for it, although they seem very picky about what can be sold or not (TEM DE SER BANDA DESENHADA, NÃO PODE SER FANART, ETC, mas depois também mencionam que podem ser outros tipos de produtos… e claro que “não fanart” é relativo desde que não pise copyrights o que já tento normalmente)

But yeah I’ll post here if there are any updates about this

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Hi! How are you? I wanted to ask you how do you feel about Comic Con in Portugal. (yes I'm portuguese and I'm not sure why I'm talking in english but anyway) just wanted to know your opinion, or if you are going to be there selling your stuff or something

Hey! I’m fine, alive and currently out of the country (with no internet 99% of the time). Well since you’ve asked in english i’ll answer in the same wavelenght.

I was very skeptical about this portuguese comic con back when it was announced, but it seems to be shaping up like a decent first event of the kind. Still their prices are way too high for our country’s standards, even more if you’re thinking of getting your own booth there. For now it’s a nono unless they drop those booth prices, but still the event being so near home is a bonus, booth or no booth maybe i’ll go for a visit!



You probably noticed all my (annoying) threadless submissions up for voting etc. I’m setting up a parallel store on TeePublic where my designs will be up for purchase to anyone interested.

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